Scared dog hides in the shower during thunderstorm — then his cat friend comes to comfort him

Scared dog hides in the shower during thunderstorm — then his cat friend comes to comfort him

Cats and dogs aren’t known for getting along particularly well, to the point where “fighting like cats and dogs” is an old expression.

But in reality, that’s just a stereotype. Anyone with pet cats and dogs under the same roof will tell you that they can actually be really loving towards each other.

There are many stories of dogs looking after cats, but one story shows that cats can do the same, as one kitty gave some support to his best friend.

Mary Barnes, from Detroit, is the owner of a 7-year-old pit bull mix named Moose, and a few months ago she brought her home a new sibling: a rescue cat named Marvin.

Like many people Mary worried the two animals wouldn’t get along, but saw them quickly become best buddies.

“They very quickly became best friends,” Mary told The Dodo. “Marvin has the personality of a dog so they nap and play together all day.”

But recently she realized just how close the two pets are.

Like many dogs, Moose is afraid of thunder. Ever since she was a puppy, she’s had a way of coping with this fear: by hiding in the bathtub, which she feels is the safest place.

During a storm last week, Moose took her usual spot:


But this time, he wasn’t alone. It was the first big storm since Marvin was adopted, and the cat wondered what Moose was doing.

 “He was very curious and concerned about his big sister,” Mary said.

Marvin realized Moose was scared, and stayed in the bathroom to comfort her throughout the storm.

“He went back and forth to her in the shower to check in,” Mary told The Dodo. “It distracted [Moose] from the storm for a little bit because she leaned down to give him kisses!”


What a beautiful friendship—It goes to show how loving and caring animals can be. Share this heartwarming story!