Dog finds tiny stray kitten in the rain, saves her by guiding her home

We’re always happy to hear stories of people rescuing stray animals and giving them homes. But it’s even m ore remarkable when it’s another animal doing the saving.

Dogs have a remarkable intuition for when others are in need of help, and some remarkable footage shows how one dog stepped up and rescued a kitten in need.

A woman named Monica, from Abilene, Texas, is the owner of a little Yorkie mix named Hazel. On September 30, she let the dog out to use the bathroom, and noticed Hazel was out longer than usual, according to Happily.

She looked outside, and found Hazel… and realized she had made a friend:


Hazel was walking home with a tiny little kitten in tow. The dog would stop to let the kitten catch up and make sure she was still there, making it clear that Hazel was guiding her.

The kitten was a stray, and the weather was very rainy. Sensing she had no place to go, the compassionate dog decided to take her in and give her shelter.


It was a precious sight, and Monica caught it all on video.

The two new friends braved the puddles and finally made it home… but the kitten was so tiny she was unable to climb over the top step.

But in the most heartwarming moment, Hazel picked her up in her teeth so she could make it inside.


Not only did Hazel give the kitten shelter from the storm, she changed her life: bringing her in led to this stray finally finding a forever home!

Monica named the kitten Sheba, and while she didn’t keep her for herself she gave the kitten to her brother.

The two look like a perfect team:


The kitten got a perfect happy ending, and it’s all thanks to the kindness of a precious dog!

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