Retirement home for dogs gives shelter to senior dogs who need it most

Retirement home for dogs gives shelter to senior dogs who need it most

Life can be difficult for old dogs. The ones in shelters often have a difficult time getting adopted because so few people want to take home senior dogs, and even the ones with families are sometimes given up once they become a burden.

Thankfully, there are people out there willing to give a home to these senior pets to spend their final years in with comfort and peace.

But one nonprofit takes it even further, offering a full retirement home to senior dogs!

Our senior dogs need your help. As we continue to make preparations at the sanctuary during these unpredictable times of…

Posted by Marty's Place Senior Dog Sanctuary on Tuesday, March 17, 2020

It’s called Marty’s Place, a facility located in Upper Freehold Township, New Jersey. It’s open to dogs 7 years and older, and is specifically catered to providing sanctuary to old dogs who need it most.

“The chances of an older dog being adopted and leaving a shelter is not as great as for a puppy so we decided we wanted to help senior dogs,” Doreen Jakubcak, the founder of Marty’s Place, told ABC 7.

“Marty” refers to Doreen’s old dog, the first senior dog she adopted. While she only had the chocolate lab for a year before he passed away, giving him a home in those final days left a lasting impression, and she knew she had to help more dogs like him.

“I’ve been a dog lover all my life,” she told Best of NJ. “But my sensitivity to the plight of seniors didn’t come to realization until my experience with Marty.”

Marty’s Place now homes over 20 dogs. They are all given lots of love by their volunteers, and lots of activities to keep them occupied including fun seasonal events.

Marty’s Place offers a loving home to its doggie residents as long as they need, and it can be a place where they spend the rest of their lives—no one is ever kicked out.

But all the dogs are also up for adoption. Doreen hopes that some people will open their hearts to these dogs.

“When we commit to a dog that comes to Marty’s place they do have a forever home. That forever home can be here at the sanctuary and when we can we try to place a dog into a new adoptive home,” Doreen told ABC 7.

We wish every dog could spend their last days in a loving place like this! What a great idea!

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