Rescuers use sausage to save dog trapped down 20-foot fissure

Never underestimate a dog’s love for food. Many dogs will do anything for a tasty snack — and sometimes clever rescuers use their love for food to lure them to safety.

That was the case recently, after one presumed-dead dog was rescued with the help of some sausage rolls.

According to a Facebook post from the Boscastle Coastguard Team, a working dog named Henry went missing on April 8 in Boscastle, a village in Cornwall, England, disappearing amidst the undergrowth and rough terrain.

Authorities searched for Henry, employing drones to search overhead, but there was no sign of him for over 24 hours. It was assumed that the dog had fallen off one of the fissures and not survived.

But on April 10, the Boscastle Coastguard and the Bude Coastguard Rescue Team responded to a report about a dog who was found 20 feet down in a fissure, right where Henry went missing.

They soon began a rescue operation — and decided the best way to get Henry to safety was to lure him with some tasty treats.

A cliff technician went down, armed with “half a sausage roll and some treats.”

The strategy worked — naturally, as the dog would’ve been quite hungry after more than a day lost — and the technician was able to use the food to lure Henry towards him, allowing him to make the rescue.

“After approx 30 mins of shuffling and squeezing and some lassoing, we managed to get a lead around the dog and pull him up to safety to the obviously overjoyed and happy owners,” the Boscastle Coastguard Team reported.

Thank you to these rescuers for saving this dog! What a smart move to use sausage and dog treats to lure Henry to safety.

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