Rescuers save dog found on verge of death in sewer drain

Rescuers save dog found on verge of death in sewer drain

There are many dogs on the street fending for themselves. Exposed to dangerous elements, these dogs often find themselves in dangerous situations and at the verge of death.

But luckily there are many rescuers out there willing to step up and save these dogs, giving them a fighting chance at life.

Like one rescue, who went incredible lengths to save a dog found in a sewer ditch.


Anima Aid Unlimited, India got a call about a dog found collapsed in a sewage drain. While the water was only a foot deep, the dog had no strength to hold herself up and nearly drowned.

She was in poor shape, and the rescue team arrived just in time—they suspect the dog would’ve taken her final breaths within minutes without help.


The rescue team pulled the dog out of the water, and discovered how bad her condition really was.

Her legs were broken, and black with necrosis. She was also suffering from severe shock.

The team realized the only way to save the dog’s life was to amputate one of the dog’s leg to prevent infection.


After the dog regained some strength, they performed the surgery. It was no easy task, but was a desperate last-ditch effort to save the dog’s life.

“There were many times we feared we might lose her,” Animal Aid Unlimited said.

But the surgery was a success, and now the dog—now fittingly named Phoenix—is doing better than ever. While she lost a leg, it clearly hasn’t affected her quality of life, and she can be seen running around happily.

And she’s very grateful for all the people who helped save her.


How incredible! This dog went from the brink of death to running around happily, surrounded by love.

It goes to show the incredible work animal rescues do. Share this amazing story!