Rescued pit bull excitedly runs around after getting her own backyard for the first time

When you rescue a pet, you completely change their life. Going from a shelter to a new home can be night-and-day for an animal, and they often seem to find the most joy in the little things most take for granted — their own toys or their own bed, for instance.

And for one rescued pit bull, the best thing in the world was having her own backyard for the first time.

According to The Dodo, Mia the pittie was found as a stray in poor health in Ohio, before she was taken in by a shelter and adopted by Taylor Clapp last year.

Mia has now adjusted to her new home. Her adopter says that while Mia is often a lazy dog, sometimes she’ll be eager to play and get the “zoomies,” those bursts of energy we often see in our pets.

“She is very affectionate and goofy,” Taylor told The Dodo. “Her favorite game is tug-of-war.” 

While Mia had a lot of energy and was eager to play, she couldn’t roam around in the backyard. While her owners did have a yard, it had no fence, so Mia could only run around tethered to her leash, which Taylor says she would “tug at most of the time.”

But the owners decided Mia needed some room to roam, so they decided to build a fence around the yard. Mia eagerly waited as it was built. “She watched us build the fence for two months and I think she knew it was for her,” Taylor said.

Then, five months after Mia came home, the fence was done — and she was absolutely thrilled to be able to run around in her own backyard for the first time:

The video shows Mia “zooming” around the yard, so happy to explore the space and really stretch her legs.

After being a stray and then being in a shelter, we’re sure Mia appreciated the newfound freedom to run around and play in her own space.

“She was so excited she couldn’t handle it,” Taylor told The Dodo. “I made sure to get it on video because she gets the zoomies a lot inside and we knew she would freak out when she could run in a backyard of her own. “

“She ran around and played in her yard for another hour or so and enjoyed it thoroughly for the rest of the summer.”

You can follow more of Mia’s adventures on her Instagram and TikTok pages.

What an adorable thing to see. It goes to show just how much dogs appreciate the simple things in life.

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