When an old dog’s favorite toy is discontinued, strangers online rally to find it for him

Dogs are funny when it comes to toys. On one hand, they’re known for tearing up anything they can get their teeth into, but on the other hand they often get attached to one particular plaything, even something as simple as a cheap squeaky toy or old doll.

You don’t want to lose those toys. Dogs can get fixated on a very specific one that can be hard to replace if it vanishes, leaving your dog sad and you scrambling around town like Parker Posey in Best in Show:

That was the case for one dog owner who was dismayed to hear her old dog’s favorite toy was discontinued and impossible to find… until the internet rallied to track it down.

Kelli Brown adopted her rescue chihuahua Jaxon in 2014. One of his first pet toys after arriving in his new home was a green plush alligator.

For whatever reason, the dog became attached to the toy. It became known as “Greenie” and he never parted with it.

“This has just always been the only toy he’s ever played with!” Kelli told The Dodo. “We have tons of toys in the house, but he only has eyes for his Greenie.”

Dogs play rough with their toys, even their favorite ones, so occasionally Greenie would have to be replaced with an identical model.

But in 2018, when Jaxon was getting old at age 12, the dog tore through one Greenie too many: Kelli went to the pet supply store and discovered that the store no longer had the gator toys, as they had been discontinued.

Searching to no avail, Kelli decided to turn to the internet for leads.

The tweet spread, and people wrote in suggesting similar-looking toys… but according to Kelli, Jaxon would accept no substitutes.

But soon, her plea reached just the right person.

A PetSmart employee named Kendyl Kercho reached out, offering to search the store for any remaining Greenies they may have in stock.

“I figured if anyone could help, it was me, because I work at PetSmart where the toy comes from,” Kendyl told The Dodo.

By some miracle, Kendyl was able to find not just one, but several of the green gators, hidden away in the clearance section of her store. She was thrilled.

“I actually squeaked audibly when I found the clearance toy bin in the back where they were tucked away,” she said. “I immediately told my manager, ‘These are the toys I’ve been looking for for my Chihuahua friend in Kentucky!’”

Not only did the employees send Kelli & Jaxon the remaining Greenies, they made it a full care package full of his favorite treats, along with a note.

Jaxon was thrilled to have his favorite toy back… and not only that, but enough to last him a long, long time.

“Happy to say the power of the internet came through BIG TIME,” Kelli wrote. “He is so happy right now.”

Kelli posted a video of the overjoyed dog frolicking in eight different Greenies, but says she’s gonna dole them out one at a time so they can last the rest of his life.

Meanwhile, Kendyl was thrilled she was able to make it all happen.

“When I saw that [Jaxon] had received [the toys], I actually teared up a little,” she told The Dodo. “He’s a very good boy who deserves the world.”

The Internet can be a scary place sometimes, but this story shows how it can be used to bring strangers together for a great cause. Thanks to everyone who made this happen and reunited this old dog with his favorite toy!

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