Rescue dogs fall in love at foster home — now they’re looking for a home that will adopt them together

Dogs are social animals, they form close friendships just like people do. And sometimes those bonds become so strong that it becomes impossible to break them apart.

Many shelter dogs form close friendships like this and are considered “bonded,” meaning they are recommended to be adopted as a pair. While this can sometimes make it harder to find them a forever home—you need to find someone willing to take in two pets at once—having a best friend by their side can make it easier for a rescue to adjust to new surroundings.

Now, two dogs who fell in “love at first sight” in their foster home are hoping they can find a family who won’t split them apart.

Meet TJ & Coral:

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TJ, a 9-year-old saluki, was surrendered to Battersea Cats and Dogs Home, and like many new shelter dogs was scared and nervous in the new surroundings.

So, Battersea decided to put him in a foster home — and with another dog. Coral, a 7-year-old greyhound, had weeks ago been surrendered to Battersea because her senior owner couldn’t care for her anymore, according to People.

They turned out to be a perfect match: it was “love at first sight” for these two dogs, who quickly became inseparable in their new foster home.

“At Battersea we see plenty of the dogs in our care make friends with one another while out on walks or during play dates but rarely, if ever, have we seen such a strong bond develop between two of our residents,” manager Kaye Mughal told ITV.

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From walks to naps, these dogs have formed a very close bond. They have different personalities—their bio describes TJ as cautious but loving, while Coral is a “very laid back and gentle dog” who is “definitely the boss.”

It’s a bit of an “opposites attract” relationship, perhaps, but their love for each other has brought out the best in each of them.

“It has been so special watching both dogs grow in confidence in each other’s company, particularly TJ who has really come out of his shell since Coral came into his life,” Kaye said.

Now, Battersea is hoping to find them a permanent home who can take them both in as a pair. It’s not an easy task — it can be hard to find someone willing to take in not just one but two rescue dogs, plus they are looking for a home comfortable with nervous dogs, and without cats or young children.

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Still, they know it’s best to not split these two best friends up, and are hoping that the perfect family is out there and will respond to their story.

“Taking on any new pet is a big responsibility, so adding two to your family at the same time is a huge commitment and understandably not suitable for everyone,” Kaye told Metro. “However, we’re confident the right new owners are out there. We’re encouraging anyone with experience of caring for sighthounds, and the time to dedicate to our dynamic duo, to register with our rehoming team.”

“They are an incredibly sweet pair and deserve to live happily ever after, together, in a loving home.”

What a beautiful pair these two dogs are — it’s so great they found each other and bring out the best in one another.

We hope they can find a great home together! If you’re interested in adopting, you can find more information on their adoption site here.

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