Rescue dog is completely blind, but is still a master at playing fetch — watch her videos

Some dogs have disabilities, but it doesn’t mean they can’t live their best life like any other pet. Many disabled pets defy the odds, overcoming their differences in inspiring ways.

Like one dog who, despite being blind and having no eyes, has a remarkable talent for playing fetch!

Two years ago, Tran Le adopted a miniature poodle named Z from a shelter. Tran told The Dodo that Z had already lost her eyesight, due to cataracts and glaucoma, when she rescued her. The dog’s eyes were later removed.

But despite being completely blind, Z doesn’t let anything hold her back, and still acts like a normal dog — including, surprisingly, her love for playing fetch.

“Right from the start, her fascination with fetch was obvious,” Tran told The Dodo. “She’s always on the lookout for toys, especially her ball, and would bring us toys to throw. She’s relentless in the pursuit of fetch, even waking up in the morning and immediately searching for her ball.”

Despite not being able to see the ball, Z has a knack for playing fetch, an awe-inspiring talent that her owner shares in a series of viral TikTok videos.


POV: Your rescue has no eyes but loves playing fetch. #cutedog #fyp #puppy #trendingvideo

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Instead of using sight, Z relies on her senses of sound and smell to find the ball, and seems to enjoy the challenge.

“At first, she relies on the sound of the ball bouncing to track it down. When the ball stops she switches to tracking it down by scent,” the owner explained on TikTok, saying that Z can predict where the ball will land.


POV: Your rescue has no eyes but loves playing fetch. #cutedog #fyp #puppy

♬ original sound – Abram Engle

The videos have become a favorite on TikTok, with millions of views, and Tran has shared over 60 games of fetch. Sometimes she gets the ball right away (sometimes even mid air!), other times she needs to do some sniffing around, but she’s always successful, proving that blind dogs can do anything.

“The response to her videos has been overwhelmingly positive,” Tran told The Dodo. “Viewers express a range of emotions, from tears of joy to amazement.”

Wow, what an incredible dog! It’s inspiring that she has still mastered playing fetch in her own way, not letting her blindness keep her back from playing like any other dog! You can follow Z on TikTok for more videos!

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