Puppy wants to wake up his siblings – now the whole internet is laughing at his unique voice

You probably know the feeling. You’re wide awake — but your partner or significant other just wants to sleep.

I’m a night owl and very energetic in the evenings, so I’m always disappointed when the rest of my family wants to go to bed. So, I completely understand how the puppy in the video below feels!

These Husky puppies are a few weeks old and have just learned to howl. On this particular day, all of the puppies are very tired and want to sleep. Well, almost all of the puppies.

One of them is both wide awake and very bored. He wants to get attention and is willing to do whatever is needed to wake up his napping siblings.

The owners couldn’t help but grab the camera when they saw what the little one did. He definitely has a unique howl! It just sounds like Chewbacca from Star Wars.

Watch and listen for yourself in the video below!

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