6-week-old puppies recovering after they were abandoned in freezing temperatures

It’s quite possible that no matter how many times we urge people not to bring an animal into their life unless they’re truly able to provide for it its entire life, there will still be some who abandon innocent animals.

On Friday night, someone dropped four puppies off at a rural shelter in Virginia. The next morning as staff arrived they found three puppies “shivering together next to the corpse of their sibling who froze to death at some point overnight.”

The puppies were in a deplorable condition.

You don’t think this puppy is full of worms, do you?!?

Posted by Sanctuary Rescue on Sunday, November 10, 2019

The puppies were transported to a rescue—their best option for survival.

Once Sanctuary Rescue, a foster-based rescue in Midlothian, Virginia received the puppies they took them straight to the vet. The poor little pooches didn’t have much time.

The puppies, named Soldier, Warrior, and Trooper, in honor of Veteran’s Day, weighed no more than two pounds each. They had hypothermia and were covered in fleas.

Big Daddy with Teeny Tiny

Posted by Sanctuary Rescue on Sunday, November 10, 2019

Before the six-week-old Chihuahuas were handed off to their foster parent, they received food, heat, and medicine.

The Chihuahuas have a long road to recovery.

After just one day in a loving home, the puppies already showed improvement.

So last night someone dropped four puppies off in an outdoor pen at a rural county shelter. This morning as the shelter…

Posted by Sanctuary Rescue on Saturday, November 9, 2019

“It’s been a long day, and we’re still not back home yet. But when there’s three itty bitty babies who spent last night outside nearly freezing to death all curled up in front of a fire without a care in the world not even 24 hours later, there’s not much to complain about,” the rescue wrote.

How could anyone abandon these poor puppies? It breaks my heart that one of them died. I really hope the other three survive and that they are adopted by loving families.

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