Police officers save German Shepherd from canal — with the help of a tasty muffin

It’s a well known fact that dogs love to eat. Many dog owners know how to use their pet’s favorite treat to entice them into good behavior.

And sometimes, a dog’s love for snacking can actually save their life. That was the case recently, after a group of police officers used a muffin to lure a dog to safety.

According to a Facebook post, the Glendale Police Department, in Arizona, received a call about a German Shepherd who was seen swimming in a nearby canal with no route for escape.


The officers arrived on the scene, and Officer Sorenson entered the canal to try to help the dog. However, the German Shepherd was scared and skittish and kept swimming away.

They needed something to lure the dog towards them — and Officer Downey happened to have the perfect plan. “Try this,” he says in the video posted by the department, taking a bag from his car. “It’s my wife’s pumpkin muffins.”

Sorenson took the muffin and offered it to the dog. Apparently the officer’s wife is quite a baker, because the German Shepherd swam right over to try the tasty treat. With the dog now close and trusting, Sorenson was able to get a collar around the dog, allowing them to lead him out of the water.


According to their Facebook post, the dog was then returned to his owner, who lived down the street. The officers were praised for their quick thinking to save the dog’s life — especially Officer Downey who heroically sacrificed his snack.

“Great work by our patrol officers! Hopefully Officer Downey’s wife was able to whip up a new batch of muffins for him!” the department wrote.

Watch the rescue video below:

Thank you to these police officers for saving this dog from the canal! Hope he enjoyed his muffin! 😋🐾

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