Police forced to smash car window to free a dog trapped in dangerous heat for hours

Police forced to smash car window to free a dog trapped in dangerous heat for hours

It’s a sad fact that despite the increase in warnings, hundreds of dogs die every year because they are left in hot cars.

Animals can sustain brain damage or even die from heatstroke in just 15 minutes in a hot car, according to Peta.

When police discovered a distraught dog left in a hot car in England the time of the parking ticket suggested it had been trapped for over three hours.

Officers decided to take matters into their own hands, much to the anger of its owners.


On one of the hottest says of the year in the U.K. the dog’s owners had left their pooch in the car while they went shopping in Plymouth.

Officers couldn’t ignore the dog’s barks for help and realized from the parking ticket that the car had been parked for over three hours.


Judging there was a danger to this dog’s life they were forced to smash the window to free the animal from the death trap.

The dog was overjoyed and even started humping the officer’s leg, according to a tweet put out by Charles Cross Police Team.

But when the owners returned from their shopping trip, instead of being thankful that their dog was still alive they were angry their car window had been broken.

Police Community Support Officer Tracy Cunningham said the family returned just as arrangements were being made to remove their car.

“They weren’t happy with us because their window was put in,” she told The Metro.

Officers had to explain to the family that they had the power to free dogs when there is a risk to life.

The dog was then taken to a veterinary center to be checked over.

Hopefully if more people know police can smash car windows to free dogs trapped in the heat, they may think twice about leaving them in there.

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