Puppy walking in the woods accidentally falls down 8-foot well

Playful puppy’s adventurous walk in the woods takes a frightening turn

The world is a big place just waiting to be explored, especially when you’re a 16-week-old puppy. Every nook and cranny must be investigated. Every smell must be sniffed, and every dark opening must be explored to see how far back it really goes.


A 16-week-old puppy, was taking a walk in her Danielson, Connecticut backyard doing what puppies do best, exploring, when things took a sudden turn.

Although her family was watching her walk through the woods, she accidentally fell into a dried-up well.

And she fell all the way to the bottom…

Eight feet below the surface.

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The poor pup attempted to climb out herself, but the well was extremely narrow and too deep for her so any efforts made were unsuccessful.

Her family called 911 and the South Killingly Fire Department came to the rescue.

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“South Killingly Fire Department runs a joint technical rescue team that consists of firefighters from other area departments that have specialized training in rope rescue and confined space emergencies,” Joseph Lee, captain of the South Killingly Fire Department, told The Dodo.

The rescuers were specially trained in this situation.

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Within a half hour, the 16-week-old dog was pulled up from the well and reunited with her family.

“The dog was happy and uninjured,” Lee said.

While there’s no guarantee she won’t go nosing around and getting herself in trouble anymore, but if she does the South Killingly Fire Department will certainly come to her rescue.

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Puppies will always be curious creatures and sometimes their curiosity gets them into precarious situations that their owners can’t save them from.

When that happens rescuers like those from the South Killingly Fire Department are there to lend a helping hand.

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