Photo of dog-shaped cloud reminds people of their beloved pets who are no longer among us

Man’s best friend is undoubtedly the dog.

Everyone who’s ever had a four-legged friend knows how difficult it is when a family dog dies. Dogs live for a little more than 10 years, depending on their breed and other factors, so saying goodbye is as inevitable as it is difficult.

Many of us often think of our deceased dogs, and other pets for that matter, and sometimes some of us wonder whether our furry friends are up there somewhere looking down on us.

And perhaps that’s why a photo of a cloud shaped like a dog that someone recently took and posted on Facebook is so moving.

Photo: Pixabay

Thousands of people have seen the picture of the cloud and have been moved to tears reminiscing about their own lost loved ones. Just take a look below:

Whether you believe in life after death or not, I think it’s nice to sometimes take some time to think of the four-legged friends who are no longer among us. My dog gave me so much love and joy over the years and I was really moved when I saw this picture. I can look at it for several minutes and remember the good times.

To all the dogs and pets who’ve left us out there: We miss you. And we’ll never forget you.

If you miss your deceased dog or dogs, please don’t hesitate to share this in their honor ❤