PetSmart is offering free ice cream for your dog this weekend

As the temperature to rise, it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to some ice cream—what tastier way to beat the summer heat?

Even better, July is National Ice Cream Month (and National Ice Cream Day is July 21) so many chains are offering deals and freebies to celebrate.

But why should it just be humans getting all the treats? Luckily, one retailer has a delicious offer that’s just for the pooches.

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On Saturday July 20 and Sunday July 21, pet supply chain PetSmart will be offering free ice cream for dogs at all of their PetsHotel locations in North America. It will be the fifth year in a row they’ve celebrated National Ice Cream Day with the promotion.

This isn’t any ordinary ice cream—it’s a special creation made specifically to be safe for dogs. The complimentary four-ounce serving even comes with a topping (dog treats!)


The promotion is a great opportunity for your dog to try the special ice cream, which is regularly offered to dogs boarding overnight at a PetsHotel.

When your pet looks up at you with those hungry eyes it can be tempting to give him some of that Häagen-Dazs you’re eating, but when it comes to regular human ice cream it’s best to be cautious. The American Kennel Club writes that the dairy in ice cream could upset dogs’ stomachs, and the sugar isn’t great for them either.

Furthermore, ice cream could contain very dangerous ingredients. Chocolate is of course a well-known no-no, and artificial sweeteners like xylitol can be extremely dangerous to dogs.

If you can’t make it to PetSmart this weekend or just want a dog-safe cold treat you can make year-round, PetSmart also has recipes for frozen treats you can make at home:

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“We love seeing pet parents enjoying summertime with their dogs,” said Debbie Beisswanger, vice president of services at PetSmart in a press release. “It’s always a huge hit and a fun way for pets and pet parents to beat the summer heat.”

In addition to the five-year Ice Cream Day tradition, PetSmart also hosted doggie ice cream social popups in the summer fo 2017.

You can check the chain’s website to find the nearest PetsHotel location in your area.

It’s all a nice, safe way to treat your dog in the hot summer months. These are, after all, the “dog days” of summer.

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