Passerby finds the saddest thing in this box on a 90-degree day

After one animal abuse story after another goes viral, it’s amazing that people continue to abuse animals. But alas, there are some cruel people out there.

Thankfully though, there are even more kind and compassionate folks out there, who wouldn’t dare stand idle while an animal was in need.

When a resident of Anson County, North Carolina, was out in April 2019, they noticed something odd. Sitting amongst the broken branches and dusty ground on the edge of some woods, was a bright green plastic bin. It looked completely out of place, so they took a closer look.

(Facebook/Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

To their shock and horror they discovered five tiny puppies were trapped inside. Since there was no one in sight and it was 90 degrees, they came to the conclusion that the poor puppies had been abandoned and were in urgent need of help.

They retrieved a crate and placed all the hot puppies inside the crate before cooling them off with food and water. Next they contacted Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, a rescue based in New York.

(Facebook/Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

“They were weak and dehydrated and apparently had a ‘funny smell,'” Jackie O’Sullivan, cofounder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, told The Dodo.

The puppies were taken to a partner vet in South Carolina where they were vaccinated, dewormed, and given food. O’Sullivan said the five puppies, named Sullivan, Snoopy, Sanders, Simon, and Sassafrass, are doing well despite their close call with death.

“They are lucky they were found in time.”

Although they still have some time before they’ll be able to be put up for adoption — they’re around six weeks old — anyone interested in adopting one of them is urged to contact Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

These innocent puppies were cruelly abandoned and left to die. I am so grateful that someone stopped and saved them before it was too late.

Pass this story on to thank the Good Samaritan who gave these puppies a second chance.