Parents try to get their baby to say ‘mama,’ but their dog says it instead

Anyone who owns a dog will tell you that they’re crazy about food. We’ve all seen our pets devour their dinner or steal scraps of food from our dinner tables.

They’re so food crazy that snacks and treats can be useful in training. A food-motivated animal can learn a lot of tricks.

Like one hungry dog, who was so determined to get a treat from his owner that he did the impossible.

A video posted by YouTube user Sam Giovanini shows two parents in a familiar struggle: trying to get their son to say his first word. They repeat “mama” over and over, trying to get the baby to repeat.

They hold up some dinner in front of him, as if to sweeten the deal by rewarding him if he says it.


However, he’s not alone: the family’s pet dog, an Australian Shepherd, gets in on it, too… and he’s really motivated for that food.

As if sensing that he’ll be rewarded for saying “mama,” the dog amazingly starts to make a noise… and it does sound like he’s saying “mama.”

See it for yourself:

The baby might not be able to talk yet, but it’s possible these parents have inadvertently trained the world’s first talking dog!

Never underestimate what a dog will do for food.

Meanwhile, the baby pushes the dog away, as if to say “get out of here, you’re making me look bad.” (Or he just pets him to say “good job on speaking English,” depending on your interpretation.)


The parents laugh hysterically at the moment, but they weren’t the only ones who found it funny: the video went viral with nearly 14 million views on YouTube.

Everyone enjoyed the video… but a lot of people had a major problem with it: the dog doesn’t get any food! He spoke English, what does a dog have to do to get a treat around here?

“That dog deserves more than just that bite of food after that!!” one comment says.

Addressing the controversy, Sam uploaded a sequel video that shows the dog getting his hard-earned treat. “For the many concerned individuals claiming that the dog … never got a treat, here is one brief clip of just one bite he got from that night,” Sam wrote.

That second video shows that the dog did get fed and the parents continued to try to get their baby to talk (no doubt thinking “even the dog can say it, why can’t our son?!”)

While it doesn’t seem like he said “mama” that night, fear not, because the baby did in fact learn some words, as evidenced by a third video posted to thank all the fans who made the first go viral.

While he doesn’t say “mama,” he does say “hi” and shows off some dance moves. Let’s see the dog do that.

It’s amazing what you can teach a dog to do when there’s food involved! Share this hilarious story!