Polite pelican enters fish & chips shop, patiently waits in line to order

It’s pretty commonly accepted that animals can’t contain themselves around food. If you’re trying to eat while wildlife is around, you better secure your meal before animals steal it away.

But one bird is proving that sometimes animals can order their food in a civilized fashion—and wait in line more patiently than many people.


A video from Kiama, New South Wales, Australia shows a mild-mannered pelican who’s made his way into a restaurant Far from causing the chaos you’d expect, the pelican simply hangs out, as if waiting in line to order.

And since he’s a pelican, naturally it was a fish & chips shop.


He’s so chill that none of the other patrons even seem concerned about his presence—he gets their attention, sure, but there’s no rush to shoo him out of the shop.


At one point, the pelican gets off the line and heads towards the ATM.

Maybe he forgot cash, and needed it for his bill. (Bill? Get it? Bird humor.)


In another moment, he abruptly heads behind the counter, as if to demand to see the manager… or just sneak a peak at the kitchen.


In the end, the pelican changes his mind and heads out. Sadly, it does not seem like he got his fish & chips.

Maybe he’s on a diet and wanted something a little less processed, and just went back to scooping all that fish out of the ocean.

Pelicans: they’re just like us. We’d gladly serve this bird any day… he’s a lot better-behaved than most human customers!

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