Pack of stray dogs halts traffic – then drivers realize what they're surrounding

Pack of stray dogs halts traffic – then drivers realize what they’re surrounding

When an area is home to a lot of stray dogs, you can usually see them hanging around in packs. They seem to prefer the company and safety that their fellow hounds provide. And as they face life on the streets together, stray dogs tend to become loyal to and protective of one another.

In one town in China a video has captured a pack of pooches showing a level of loyalty that will blow you away.

In the middle of a road in Lanzhou, in central China, a dog was hit by a car and died on the spot.

A video of from the scene shows a pack of four dogs surrounding the body of their deceased friend, causing traffic to swerve and come to a halt.

The dog’s friends try to nudge him back up, like they don’t realize that their friend is dead. It’s amazing to watch these dogs put their lives at risk trying to help their pal.

You might wonder if these dogs are really grieving or are staying with him for some other reason. But according to a study cited in Psychology Today, dogs really do grieve both their owners and their fellow pooches.

Dogs get depressed at the loss of a loved on; signs include illness and a loss of appetite. They might also exhibit a change in personality, such as becoming more dominant.

Watch the video below to see the loyalty these dogs have toward their friend:

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