Owner dumps sick dog in trash bag – because she doesn’t want to get her car dirty

We always say that dogs are man’s best friend. That’s why it’s extra hurtful when a human knowingly causes pain to an innocent dog who’s done nothing but love them unconditionally.

Blackie is a loving and happy dog who is now living a good life – but it hasn’t always been this way. When Blackie became sick, her previous owner got tired of her and decided it was time to cast the poor dog aside.

Her owner’s actions have left people outraged.

Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to have pets.

Blackie had developed a painful tumor on her tail and was bleeding heavily. Her owner decided to solve the problem by dumping her at an animal shelter. To make sure that the dog didn’t make the car’s interior dirty with all the blood and dirt, Blackie’s owner stuffed her in a trash bag.

Dumped the dog

The owner drove to an animal shelter, stepped inside, dumped the trash bag with Blackie inside and left.

“Blackie was surrendered because she was bleeding all over,” Kelly Smíšek tells The Dodo.

She works for Frosted Faces Foundation, an organisation in San Diego that rescues and takes care of elderly animals.

When Kelly heard about the dog’s tragic fate, she was forced to step in. Volunteers from the organisation drove to the shelter where Blackie had been abandoned and took her back to Frosted Faces Foundation.

Despite everything that Blackie had been through, she is a really loving and curious dog who is eager to please.

“But you can tell that her love has not been reciprocated for a long time,” Kelly says.

© Frosted Faces Foundation

Now Blackie is safe and happy and gets the love she deserves. She’s become very comfortable around Kelly and the other volunteers.

When Blackie first came to Frosted Faces Foundation they began a long process to make her fit and healthy again. The staff began by brushing her coat thoroughly.

© Frosted Faces Foundation

Then they gave her a nice shower.

© Frosted Faces Foundation

Then it was time to clip her claws.

© Frosted Faces Foundation

And last but not least, they gave her a big serving of food!

Blackie thrived now that she was finally receiving love and attention again, but her painful tumor constantly made itself known when the volunteers tried to pet her.

“She would correct us with her mouth when we tried to touch it while bathing her,” Kelly says.

© Frosted Faces Foundation

Blackie is in a lot of pain from her tumor, but hopefully the pain will soon be a distant memory. There are vet visits and operations lined up, and Kelly says that Blackie’s future looks bright. She’s sure that Blackie is going to recover well and feel fighting fit again. Then the organization will find a loving adoptive family for her.

“She is a loyal dog and will find a deserving family quickly – I am sure of it,” Kelly says.

Until then, Blackie can enjoy lots of love and attention from the volunteers at Frosted Faces Foundation.

I’m so glad that Blackie is finally receiving the love she deserves, and I truly hope that no other animal has to endure the same treatment that Blackie was forced to suffer.

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