Old dog is chained up and abandoned by her owners — fends for herself until help finally comes

There’s nothing worse than abandoning your pet. Not only do you put their lives at risk by leaving them to fend for themselves, but they’ll be heartbroken, always wondering when you’ll return.

And yet people still continue to heartlessly leave their dogs behind. But one abandoned dog is getting a second chance after being found by rescuers.

According to YouTube channel Paws 4 Hope, a white senior dog was found chained up at an abandoned cafe in Russia, fending for herself.


She once had a home, but had reportedly been left behind by her family.

The dog was barely scraping by, only surviving on scraps of food given to her by passing truck drivers. She was beginning to give up on life and lose hope. She was also blind in one eye.


Luckily, her second chance was on the way. Laurica Nagel, a local animal rescuer, heard about the dog and went out to save her.

She named the dog Athena, and took her to a veterinarian, where she received much-needed treatment to remove fleas, ticks and parasites.

Laurica then took the poor dog in, giving her shelter along with her other rescues.


After being abandoned and fending for herself for so long, Athena finally got the love and care she deserved.

And amazingly, she even found a forever home. While it’s often difficult for older and disabled dogs to find homes, a family in Moscow reportedly opened their hearts to Athena.

According to Paws 4 Hope, the family has lots of land for her to play in… a far cry from being chained up at an abandoned cafe.


It’s heartbreaking to think what this dog has been through, but we’re so happy to hear that she’s doing well now and has a good home.

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