‘Old as dirt’ dog rescued from drug raid overcomes everything to find forever home

It’s very sad what some dogs have to go through in life. One dog suffered through so much with no one to really care for him.

Luckily, things turned around thanks to some kindhearted rescuers… and now this old dog is getting a much-needed second chance.

A dog named Holden was seized by the police in a drug raid, and was found in terrible condition. He was severely underweight and clearly neglected.

“He is 25 lbs and should at least be 40,” wrote Releash Atlanta. “He was so hungry, he was trying to get cat food out of the cat kennels during intake.”

His previous owners reportedly called the dog “old as dirt.”

While he was saved from his terrible home situation, things still looked bleak for the dog.

He was originally brought to a kill shelter, but was rescued by the nonprofit Releash Atlanta. However, they had very limited room for the dog, and they had doubts he could find a forever home easily: Holden was old and sick, not to mention was a black dog (who are typically adopted less than lighter-colored dogs).

On top of everything else, Holden’s swollen belly was discovered to have a massive seven-pound tumor. Things looked grim for the poor dog.

Tonight, we ask for everything you’ve got- prayers, good juju, positive energy, anything and everything – Holden needs…

Posted by Releash Atlanta on Thursday, June 6, 2019

But Releash Atlanta didn’t give up on him. They shared his story with the world, and people were moved enough to fund his surgery.

Holden is old enough that he wouldn’t be a “prime candidate” for such a surgery, but amazingly, the procedure was a success.

“After an extensive surgery, a SEVEN POUND tumor was removed from this 21lb dogs body,” Releash Atlanta wrote.

Holden returned to the care of the shelter, where he continued to improve and gain back weight.

❤️❤️ SPOILER ALERT ❤️❤️Many of you may remember Holden, the senior emaciated black lab mix we saved from rural Georgia…

Posted by Releash Atlanta on Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Finally in good health, Holden was able to be taken to a good home for the first time in his life: he was fostered by a woman named Melissa.

Melissa’s home is filled with many foster dogs, so Holden had a lot of playmates, giving him the socialization he needed.

After three weeks of doing so well in foster care, Holden met with someone interested in adopting him for good.

The woman, Carole, hit it off immediately with Holden, who also became quick buddies with her other dog.

It was a match made in heaven, and Carole adopted Holden—a miraculously happy ending for a dog who few people thought would even make it.

Guess who was releashed?!?! Holden found the best new mommy he could have ever asked for!!! He now has a new fur brother…

Posted by Releash Atlanta on Saturday, August 3, 2019

We’re so happy Holden found his forever home! He deserves it after everything he went through.

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