Officers see dog's nose sticking out of water, save dog who was swept up in current

Officers see dog’s nose sticking out of water, save dog who was swept up in current

There’s nothing like taking your dog to the beach, but if you’re not careful a fun day out with your pet can turn into a nightmare.

That was the case recently when a puppy out for a swim with his owner but got caught in dangerous tides.

Thankfully, crisis was averted after the pup was spotted by two police officers.


According to Chesapeake Bay Magazine, Kristin Vonclein was at the beach along the Rappahannock River in Virginia with her friend and her pet Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy, Skip Jack.

But when the water-loving dog jumped into the water, he quickly got caught in a strong current. Kristin went in with a flotation device to go after him, waves kept carrying Skip Jack out further and further, and soon she lost sight of her puppy.


Back on shore, she called 911. Marine Patrol Officers Kyle Jones and Terrie McKellips got the call, and thankfully were already on a nearby boat.

But they expected that finding Skip Jack would be difficult: “There was a little chop. And the area was filled with crab pot buoys, so it was a challenge to look for a small brown dog’s head,” Officer McKellips told Chesapeake Bay Magazine.

But miraculously, they soon spotted the dog — just from his nose sticking out of the water. “The dog was so tired it was barely holding its nose above the water,” McKellips said. “The rest of the dog was submerged.  I don’t know how we were able to see it.”

Skip Jack was finally save on board the officer’s boat, and they brought him back to reunite him with his owner — but not before giving him a parting gift.

According ot the Chesapeake Bay Magazine, their office chipped in to buy a flotation device for the dog, and even signed it before giving it to Kristin, free of charge.

It was a sweet way to go above-and-beyond the line of duty after saving this sweet dog, and the officers say that Kristin was “touched” and that Skip Jack, even after the whole ordeal, was still “full of energy.”

Thank you to these officers for saving this dog and generously providing him with a flotation vest — we hope it keeps this water-loving dog out of trouble in the future!

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