Newborn baby becomes instant best friends with his three pet Goldendoodles

There are few things in life more precious than the bond between a dog and a baby. While some parents fear their dogs won’t react well to the arrival of their newborn, in truth dogs are often the sweetest best friends of babies—their protective instincts seem to kick in once they see the little human.

Dogs and babies are also an irresistible recipe for cuteness, and now people are falling in love with one Instagram account that follows the adventures of a newborn baby who’s quickly bonded with his pack of pet dogs.

Samson the Goldendoodle has been an Instagram star for years. He lives in Westport, Connecticut with his owner, Jessica, who had so many photos of the dog that she had to make him his own account.

“I didn’t want my friends and family to get annoyed with all my photos of Samson which is why we started the Instagram account so they could choose to follow him if they wanted,” she told The Mirror.

Sam now shares his Instagram with two dog brothers, Charley and Shea, who are also goldendoodles.

But they got a very special new friend this year who has made their page even more adorable: a baby named Theo.

The dogs immediately fell in love with their new human and adopted him to their pack: “When he was just one week old, I put him in the middle of them and he beamed,” Jessica told LADbible.

For the past few months, Theo and the dogs have bonded, and the Instagram hosts countless precious photos of them together.

It’s clear this baby is really blending in with the pack:

“In the past month or so, Theo’s really started to pet and rub them and become more aware of their presence which has been sweet to watch,” Jessica said.

“It’s amazing to see Theo’s relationship with the dogs evolve; pretty soon, Theo will be sneaking them treats.”

The mom says the dogs have already had a positive impact on the baby’s well-being.

“People always joke that Theo is going to think he’s a dog too. I truly believe from the beginning he has felt the calming presence of the dogs,” Jessica told LADbible.

“He’s a very calm and chilled-out baby; obviously it’s partly just genetic and his personality but I really think the dogs have helped.”

The adorable Instagram now has over 706,000 followers.

“My main goal with Samson’s account was always to spread joy and bring laughs and smiles,” Jessica said. “I didn’t realize adding a baby to the mix would bring so much more attention but what is more pure than the bond between a baby and a dog.”

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