Sweet dog rocks stuffed animal in rocking chair to practice caring for new baby

There’s no sweeter relationship than the one between a young child and their pet, even from infancy. There’s just some natural instinct that makes them act protective and loyal to babies.

Dogs can be particularly sweet and mothering to kids, helping to comfort them when they’re crying or in need of help.

But one dog took his new guardian duties very seriously, carefully observing the mom’s behavior and practicing how to care for her new sibling.

A dog named Hijinks was thrilled by the arrival of her family’s new baby, Mercury. Her owners say that the dog immediately stepped up to look after the baby.

“She started looking to us for cues on what to do,” Hijinks’ owner, known online as Rally8889, told The Dodo, adding that the dog toned down some of her rambunctious personality: “She’s careful and quiet around the baby.”

One day, the baby’s mother rocked Mercury in a rocker, as Hijinks watched on.

Soon she was stunned to discover just how much her dog had taken in: she found her putting one of his toys in the chair and rocking it like a baby!

It’s like she was practicing to take care of the baby. It was an adorable sight to see—

It made the mom realize how caring her dog really was.

“She’s a good girl,” Rally8889 wrote on Imgur. “Definitely being gentle with the baby and trying to figure out how to help.”


It’s amazing how caring dogs can be! We know Hijinks is going to be a great doggie sibling and always be looking after Mercury as she grows up.

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