Cat becomes cuddle buddy for newborn baby and now they’re inseparable

There’s nothing more precious than the sweet relationship between babies and their pets. Some people are concerned about how their cats and dogs will react to the arrival of a newborn, but most often they prove to be beautifully loyal and protective of their littlest human.

That’s certainly the case for this cat and baby, whose sweet cuddle sessions are sure to make you feel warm inside.

Dallas English is the owner of a pet cat named Puma. For ten years Puma was the “baby” of the household… until Dallas came home one day with his newborn son, Ace.

But far from being jealous, Puma welcomed the new baby with open arms… and the furry cat proved to be an excellent cuddle partner:


Dallas posted the priceless pic of a sleepy Ace taking a nap on his cat’s back to Reddit, and people quickly fell in love. The baby is so tiny the “giant cat” is nearly twice his size.

Ace began to grow up, and his bond with Puma grew stronger. More photos show that their cuddling wasn’t a one-time thing:

Ace grew up fast, and soon caught up to his cat’s size:


But even as Ace outgrows his cat, it’s clear that this is a friendship that will last for years. They’re truly inseparable.

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