New South Wales proposes harsher fines, jail time for animal abusers

Despite laws against animal abuse, violence and cruelty towards animals remains a constant problem, leaving people wondering if the laws do enough to deter these heinous crimes.

But now, one legislature is proposing a drastic change to animal abuse laws, aimed at hitting the “worst of the worst” with the toughest laws yet.


The State Parliament of New South Wales, Australia will soon consider a new set of laws aimed at curtailing animal abuse.

The punishment for aggravated animal cruelty offenses will now have fines of $110,000, according to, five times the previous fine.

In addition to the six-figure fine, the sentence could include a two-year prison sentence. Regular cruelty offenses will see an increase in severity as well, with a $44,000 fine and up to 12 months in prison.

“Cruelty towards animals is one of the lowest acts and for too long our penalties here in NSW have lagged behind where they need to be,” Agriculture Minister Adam Marshall, who will introduce the laws to parliament, told

“Everyone – from those neglecting their pet in the backyard to covert puppy factory grubs – should be on notice from today; do the right thing or face the consequences.”


The new laws will also allow the court to ban offenders from ever owning an animal again.

That was welcome news for the RSPCA, who backed the new laws, hoping they will deter repeat offenders.

“The introduction of lifetime bans will help address repeat offenders, which sadly is one of the biggest issues we encounter, and the increased penalties will make people think twice before committing the offences,” said Steve Coleman, CEO of RSPCA NWS.

And according to LADbible, fines for neglecting animals will also dramatically increase. Failing to provide food or shelter for your pet can incur a fine of $16,500 and six months in jail.

We agree, there needs to be more done to fight animal abuse! We hope these laws pass soon and help end this cruelty!

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