Horse is forced to drink bottle of champagne after winning race

It is common for athletes to celebrate a win by popping some champagne — but one victory celebration has prompted outrage and claims of animal abuse.

A shocking video shows the moments following a horse’s victory in a big race, in which they are forced to drink a bottle of champagne by a handler.


The incident occurred after the Mallorca’s Manacor Grand Prix, held in Spain on Monday. The winning horse, Helen Llinatrix, was rewarded with a cruel spectacle in which they were fed alcohol against their will.

A man is seen holding the reins and pouring a bottle of champagne into the horse’s mouth, even as it tries to pull away.


No one in the crowd of onlookers objects to the stunt, instead they laugh and cheer as he empties the bottle into the horse than kisses it.

Watch the video below:

The video prompted outrage after being released online, with many saying it was animal abuse. The Balearic Islands’ Animal Association, Assaib, put out a statement saying the man was an “idiot” and that they had lodged a complaint with the authorities over animal mistreatment.

“It is clear from the footage that Helen Llinaritx is made to drink a bottle of champagne while the rest of those present laugh at what is happening,” the group said in a statement, according to Daily Mail.

“We consider this clear example of animal mistreatment appalling and it shows that this person doesn’t respect animals.”

What a horrible video. We hope this horse is okay, and this man faces consequences for force feeding it champagne — he shouldn’t be allowed near horses!

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