Neighbors put up step stool for dog so he can see his Great Dane friends

Just like people, dogs are able to make friends with their neighbors. Sometimes the best relationships form over a backyard fence—some dogs even give their pals next door massages.

But for these doggie neighbors, a height difference stood in the way of a beautiful friendship… until their neighbors came up with an inspiring solution.

Dog brothers Vito and Bambino are Great Danes, and as such are quite taller than the average dog:

The big dogs are easily able to see over their fence into the neighbor’s yard — and got exciting news a few months ago when a new dog moved in, a chocolate lab named Giuseppe.

But the lab wasn’t as tall as the Great Danes, and struggled to meet the new neighbors.

“He has tried many times to jump up and get a good whiff of his big doggy friends whenever we’re all outside,” Afton Tarin, owner of Vito and Bambino, told The Dodo.

On the other side of the fence, Gieuseppe’s owner Robert Carnes watched as his dog unsuccessfully tried to see the other dogs, and jokingly told the dog “If you only had a step stool.”

Then, he realized the idea wasn’t so crazy after all: he happened to have a step stool, and placed it in front of the fence for the dog to use.

At last, the dogs were able to meet face-to-face!

Robert sent a photo to the neighbors, who thought the sight was adorable and posted it on Instagram.

“My initial reaction was to bust up laughing,” Afton told The Dodo. “Seeing his little feet fully extended and his tail all blurred out from wagging too fast, I couldn’t help it. So stinkin’ cute.”

“It definitely gives you that feel-good feeling.”

The new neighbors say they have become friends and they will often walk the dogs together. But thanks to a simple step stool, these dogs will be able to see each other whenever they please—the beginning of a great friendship.

What a great idea! These dogs definitely look like they love getting to see each other every day. Thanks to these neighbors for looking out for their pets.

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