Woman discovers her dog gets a massage from the neighbor dog every day

We’ve all had those stressful days where we’re just dying for a nice massage to take the stress off.

But little did we know, dogs feel the same way… or at least one dog does, with a daily ritual that took his owner by surprise when she caught him in the act.

Kayleigh Burrowes is the owner of an 8-month-old dog named Beaù, who she’s had since he was a puppy.

Beaù is a very friendly dog, and her best friend is her neighbor Rocco. The two became immediate friends, and luckily they’re only a backyard fence.

But it turns out, these doggie best friends are closer than anyone thought. While many dog friends are content to chase each other around the yard, these two have found a more relaxing pastime:

Every day, Rocco gives Beaù a massage!

Posted by Kayleigh Burrowes on Friday, June 12, 2020

That’s Rocco giving Beaù a pretty thorough back massage, no doubt relieving some of the stress of a hard day chasing her tail.

When Kayleigh first caught the dogs in action, she was perplexed.

“One day, I was sitting on my sofa then I looked out the patio door and Rocco was massaging Beaù,” she told The Dodo. “I thought I was seeing things for a second.”

Kayleigh grabbed her camera and took a clip and posted the videos on Facebook. It went viral in the Dogspotting Society group.

Posted by Kayleigh Burrowes on Friday, June 12, 2020

She says the dogs do this every day, and that it seems to be a one-way thing: It’s always Rocco giving the massage and Beaù doesn’t seem to reciprocate.

However, Rocco is always wagging his tail as he massages Beaù, so it seems he’s okay with the arrangement. Maybe he’s just happy to help his friend unwind.

“When he stops, she paws at him to do it back,” Kayleigh said. “The massaging could go on for as long as Beaù wants him to. It’s a daily thing now.”

It’s always hilarious to discover what weird habits our pets have gotten into. We’re glad these two buddies are bonding, and maybe Rocco has a future as a professional masseuse!

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