Mysterious Christmas gift is delivered to family’s door: son cries tears of joy when he sees what’s inside

To say that 9-year-old Tristen Perez is a dog lover is an understatement. Throughout his life, Tristen’s family’s dog had been his best friend and constant companion. But in August, that all changed. The family’s 14-year-old dog ​​passed away and Tristen was devastated. His best friend was no longer by his side.

So when Tristen opened this year’s biggest Christmas gift, it turned out to be more special than 9-year-old Tristen ever could have imagined.

In the clip below, there’s a knock on the front door of 9-year-old Tristen’s house. Outside, there’s a huge Christmas present waiting for him. Tristan’s mom, who just knocked on the door and delivered the package, is ready with her cell phone camera to film Tristen when he opens the door.

Tristan eyes open wide in front of the package and he immediately opens it. After pulling up the flap on the box and peeking inside, he bursts into tears.

This Christmas was extra special for this little boy. It was the first Christmas without his best friend, but also the first Christmas with his new best friend; to love and care for with the greatest warmth and joy.

Check out the wonderful moment when Tristen realizes that his family got a wonderful little puppy:

Moments like this really hit me right in the heart and I’m sure that other animal lovers would agree!

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