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Mom shocked when dog bites her arm, then realizes the danger surrounding her

When Patch’s first owner could no longer look after him, Richard and Nola Davis decided to take him in.

The family were so excited as their children Andrew and Clara had always wanted a dog.

Patch settled in really well and become a  much-loved pet, especially with their son Andrew.

But Patch turned out to be more than a loved family member.

Although the family loved their new dog, there was one concern and that was his size. As Patch got bigger they felt their house wasn’t big enough for him.

Richard and Nola talked with their kids about giving him away but son Andrew was adamant that Patch had to stay.

It turned out to be the best decision they would ever make.

Grabs arm

One thing Patch did not like was the bathroom. He associated it with taking a bath and that was something Patch did not like to do.

So when mom Nola was enjoying a bubble bath one day, she was amazed when Patch came running in and started biting and pulling at her arm.

House explodes

Nola stood up to grab her robe and get Patch out of the bathroom with no idea what was waiting for her on the other side of the door.

That’s when Nola smelled smoke.

The whole house was in flames!

With the flames licking her legs, Nola was guided out of the house by hero Patch. When they both reached the yard, Nola was concerned the car was parked too near the house and would explode.

She tried to go back into the house to get her keys but Patch positioned himself in front of her and refused to let her go back in.

At that moment the whole house exploded! Her brave, faithful four-legged friend had saved her life not once, but twice!

Find out more about this family’s incredible story and their hero Patch in the clip below.

It will come as no surprise that this amazing hound received a Red Cross medal for his bravery. If this doesn’t convince you just how amazing dogs are I don’t know what will! 

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