Man tried to throw his dog in a trash can at the train station: “Don’t want it anymore”

A man was recently caught trying to throw his dog into a trash can at a local train station. He is now being dealt with by police.

“He said that he didn’t want anything to do with the dog,” said the officer who helped rescue the dog.

At 20.54 on Monday evening, police in Sweden got an unusual call. A security guard had seen a man trying to push his pitbull into a trash can at the local train station.

“The man was intoxicated, and it’s unclear why he wanted to put the dog in the trash can. He said that he didn’t want anything to do with the dog anymore, and then tried to throw the dog away,” explains the responding officer.

Took the dog into custody

The police attended the scene and took custody of the dog, who is now in a dog shelter. The dog is doing well, given the circumstances.

The man wasn’t arrested, but is facing charges. According to the police officer handling the case, he will likely be charged with animal abuse.

How lucky that the police were able to take the dog away from this man, who clearly isn’t a good dog owner. Now I hope that the dog finds a loving new home!