Man saves stray dog from floods: 3 days later he’s shaken by discovery in its fur

Imagine the worst possible hurricane you can think of and the floods that come with it.

Even if you haven’t experienced it for yourself, I’m sure you’ve had a chance to see just what a terrifying force nature can be.

One group that is often forgotten when natural disasters strike is animals.

Often, people fleeing severe weather conditions only have time to think of themselves and their possessions, and forget to rescue any animals stuck in the area.

After severe flooding in Atlanta, Georgia, a man found a Golden Retriever wading in the family’s drive when he came home.

He had no idea where the dog had come from, and he was in a terrible condition.


“He was just sitting by a mailbox in the rain, looking pathetic,” writes Reddit user personalhale.

“I pulled over and called him to me, and he immediately came, wagging his tail.”


The man felt sorry for the dog and realized that he had to help. The dog was malnourished and seemed to have sores all over his body.

A trip to the vet revealed why.

They discovered that the poor dog had escaped from a home that “hoarded” animals. There had been so many animals in the home that the owners couldn’t take care of them.


The dog had been living in the woods and trying to survive on his own when the floods hit Atlanta.

And then he’d turned up on the driveway.

The vet found more than 200 ticks on the dogs body. He was also uffering from ringworms, heart-worms and hookworms.


The ticks, worms and insufficient food had caused the dog to starve, and he was 25 pounds underweight.

But this happy pup now has a safe and loving home, after the man who saved him decided to adopt him.


His new family named him Bran.

Bran was forced to wear a cone until all his wounds had healed. He also had to be isolated until he was free of all the ticks and worms.


But now he’s safe at home with his new friend– another Golden Retriever who was already part of the family.

Talk about best friends!


It’s wonderful to read about all the selfless, caring animal lovers doing good in the world!

Thanks to this family for stepping up for Bran when he needed it the most. Now he can finally live the life that all dogs deserve.


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