Man saves pit bull’s life after she was stabbed by owner, then gives her a good home

Every dog deserves a loving home, but not every dog gets one. Some animals have to endure heartless owners, who abuse and mistreat their pets.

That was the case for one poor pit bull, who was brutally stabbed by her former owner. But thankfully, one man helped save her life after the attack — and gave her a brand-new start.

Last month, Brad Chambers was in Portsmouth, Virginia on a landscaping job. found a shocking sight underneath his truck: a pit bull puppy, named Smoke, on the verge of death after being stabbed seven times.

“I saw many deep flesh wounds covering her body and a very scared and weak look across her face,” Brad wrote on Facebook.

Brad Chambers/Facebook

The stabbing was allegedly done by the Smoke’s former owner, and left the puppy in critical condition.

Miraculously, Brad had a trauma kit in his truck, and was able to keep Smoke alive long enough to get emergency help.

“We kept the sweet girl alert, as she fought for her life in those critical moments,” Brad wrote. “Soon an ambulance arrived to rush her to the animal hospital.”

Brad Chambers/Facebook

Smoke was fighting for her life as vets performed emergency surgery. While Brad paid for the initial treatments out of pocket, it soon became clear that Smoke’s condition was severe.

“The stab wound penetrated so deep into her neck that it damaged her trachea,” Brad told WTKR. “It was air escaping her trachea into her lung and chest cavity around her heart.”

Brad Chambers/Facebook

The medical expenses reached $15,000, and Brad set up a fundraising page to help cover the cost. People came through, and the page now has nearly $30,000.

Thanks to all the love and care she received, Smoke recovered in good spirits, winning the hearts of the whole hospital staff.

“She’s one of the most loving dogs I’ve ever met,” Brad said. “She’s recovered almost fully from all the surgeries. She’s got a ton of energy, and her loyalty is pretty solid.”

Brad Chambers/Facebook

With Smoke now recovering, there’s even more great news: the the dog’s heartless former owner is now in custody, facing animal cruelty charges. After they gave up ownership of Smoke, the dog needed a new home — and Brad stepped up to adopt her!

“This is a dog who needs to find a place that everyone around her is going to benefit from her lovingness, and yeah, I love dogs,” Brad told WTKR. “This is a dog that I get to share the next multiple seasons of my life with and all the memories that are to be had.”

Brad Chambers/Facebook

We’re so happy this beautiful dog survived — and has a great new home with her rescuer! What a happy ending to such a shocking case.

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