Forest Service dog survives stabbing attack during drug raid, the second of his career

Forest Service dog survives stabbing attack during drug raid, the second of his career

Police dogs are an invaluable part of any department and do a lot of good for their communities. But just like their human counterparts, they’re putting their lives on the line, in danger of being harmed or killed in the line of duty.

Like one heroic dog, who recently survived a vicious stabbing attack — the second of his career, but he’s still standing strong.

Ice is an 11-year-old Belgian Malinois who works as a U.S. Forest Service police dog. On August 27, he was part of a raid in the Klamath National Forest that uncovered a massive marijuana operation, AP reports.

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Ice chased down a fleeing suspect down a steep hill — but the suspect struck back by repeatedly stabbing the dog.

Despite suffering nine stab wounds, Ice kept holding on. His handler, Patrol Capt. Christopher Magallon, soon showed up to make the arrest.

Ice was lifted in a helicopter to receive emergency medical treatment for his injuries. Luckily, there was no severe damage.

“Thankfully, despite the attack, no major areas were struck, and Ice will quickly recover and return to service until his expected retirement at the end of this month,” said Cody Wheeler, the Forest Services’ North Zone patrol commander.

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And it’s certainly a well-earned retirement: Ice has now survived not one but two stabbings by suspects.

He was first attacked in 2016, during a similar raid. According to AP, he was decorated as a hero for surviving the attack: he received the 2016 Law Enforcement and Investigations Director’s Award for Valor and Heroism, and won the “Top Dog” award from American Humane hero Dogs in 2017.

What a hero! It’s sad that Ice went through so much pain in his career, but we’re glad he’s survived to enjoy his retirement.

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