Man risks life swimming through hurricane to save pets from flooding home

Man risks life swimming through hurricane to save pets from flooding home

It always moves us to see people go out of their way to save animals in need… but it’s even more incredible when they put their own safety in danger to save them.

That was the case for one man, who was seen braving treacherous flood waters to save his pets, but never stopped going back.

Tropical Storm Imelda struck last September, landing in Texas and causing massive rainfall and heavy flooding. Jason Miles, a reporter for local TV station KHOU, posted footage of the massive flooding of one residential area:

The footage shows cars and homes halfway submerged in the water.

The whole area was evacuated… except for one man, who was caught on camera going back into his house… but for an extraordinary reason:

He was going in to save his pets.

The man reportedly made multiple trips, leaving the flooded home with the animals, including one terrified goat, bringing them to safety.

The tweeted video went viral, a moment of everyday heroism in a time of tragedy. Neighbors told the reporter that the man had only just renovated his home from a previous storm.

Miles later caught up with the family, and despite everything, they were all just grateful to be together, with all the animals save and alive.

Animals are family, and it’s inspiring that in a moment of crisis this man didn’t think twice about racing in to save them, even if it meant putting himself in danger. What a hero!

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