Man honors the memory of his beloved dog by adopting all the unwanted animals he can find

Man honors the memory of his beloved dog by adopting all the unwanted animals he can find

Steve Grieg has always loved being surrounded by animals and has had at least four pets around since he was a child.

But when one of his beloved dogs passed away, he wanted to do something to honor his memory.

The Colorado animal lover decided to find the least adoptable dog and give it a loving home, but he didn’t stop there.


For those older dogs with health issues who find themselves alone in the world, it can be difficult to find another home.

Often people don’t want to take them on if they’re slow, set in the ways and could result in expensive medical bills but big-hearted Steve wanted to change all that.

After he lost his most beloved dog, he honored his memory by going to his local shelter and asking for their “least adoptable dog.”

“So [I adopted] a 12-year-old Chihuahua [named Eeyore],” he told “With a heart murmur and four bad knees and I brought him home and that was just the beginning of all the animals.”

Giving Eeyore a loving home gave him so much joy, he didn’t want to stop there and began taking in other old unwanted animals.

Steve now has 10 elderly dogs, two pigeons, two ducks and a pig called Bikini, who was sent to him by a friend who couldn’t keep her.

Steve says senior animals are wiser and easier to develop a relationship with.

“You kind of know what you want out of life once you become a certain age,” he said. “These dogs know who they are and it’s easy to develop a relationship with a person or pet who knows who they are.”

He started an Instagram page charting the adventures of his animal gang, which now has over 800,000 followers.

“They just make it feel like home. It’s just fulfilling knowing that these guys are happy and loved and well-taken care of. It makes my days worthwhile,” he said.

I love what this big-hearted animal lover is doing with his life, what an inspiration. He loves these animals unconditionally.

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