Man becomes first person jailed under new law that protects service animals

Too often people who abuse animals get away with their crime, but not anymore, or at least in England and Wales. A new law punishes those who harm a service dog.

Recently, Daniel O’Sullivan of Liverpool became the first person charged under the law, known as Finn’s Law.

On July 1, 29-year-old Daniel was spotted near a shopping center “bouncing up and down, punching the air with the knife, making practice lunges.”

A concerned citizen contacted police.

Police ordered Daniel to drop his knife and glass bottle.

According to court reports, Daniel was high on cocaine and monkey dust. When police ordered the 29-year-old to drop the knife and bottle, he threw the bottle at the police.

PC Karl Mander, who responded to the call with his K9, Audi, released the dog.

Daniel managed to stab Audi near his eye and attempted to stab him again. The suspect was eventually restrained.

The judge believed Daniel’s attacked was premeditated.

“O’Sullivan was out to seriously hurt PD Audi and it was lucky that he wasn’t blinded or killed as a result of his injuries,” Det Insp Stephen Ward said, according to the BBC.

Daniel became the first person charged under the Animal Welfare (Service Animals) Act 2019, which is also known at Finn’s Law.

In 2016, PC Dave Wardell’s German Shepherd, Finn saved his life by stepping in between the officer and suspect. Finn was stabbed multiple times and not expected to survive. At that time the attack against Finn could only be charged as criminal damage.

The judge for Daniel’s case said it was “plainly premeditated” after the 29-year-old suspect admitted to attacking Audi. Daniel was sentenced to 21 months in jail.

Thankfully Audi has fully recovered.

Despite Audi’s injuries, he recovered quickly and was able to return to work soon after the violent attack.

“He’s had lots of rest and TLC and luckily he has recovered well and there doesn’t seem to be any lasting damage to him,” Karl told the BBC.

Finally! I am so glad that criminals are receiving punishment for their crimes against animals.

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