Leopard starts to attack dog in middle of the forest – but now look what the camera catches

I really like dogs. There is something about them that makes me never get enough. Their devotion and love prove over and over again that they are truly man’s best friend.

A video has emerged online in which we see what appears to be a golden labrador suddenly receiving unexpected company.

The dog is out in a safari park, near Jaipur in India, when he is very suddenly joined by a leopard. Everything then happens in just seconds and it’s unclear what the person filming the events is thinking.

The powerful leopard leaps out of the woods and aggressively faces the dog. Instead of helping, someone films the scene, which has caused many to react angrily on social media. The context is unclear; perhaps the dog is trained for the situation, perhaps the leopard is tame, perhaps not. There are many question marks.

In any case, the dog is clearly frightenend, but his brilliant reaction to the unwelcome attack of the leopard is understandably now spreading like wildfire.

The leopard

Leopards are found in Africa and the southern parts of Asia. They hunt a variety of prey — from small insects to up to 80 kilograms of heavy ungulates.

leopard i sydafrika
Photo: Derek Keats/Wikimedia commons

In the video, a leopard suddenly leaps out of the bushes, ready to attack the dog. The latter responds by barking frantically at the predator, who eventually steps back and disappears back into the forest.

The poor dog is clearly terrified, but reacted instinctively and managed to get the leopard to leave him alone.

We have no clear idea of what preceded and what happened following the shooting of this clip. But what do you think about the dog owners’ behavior? Please comment.