Puppy dumped with toys in high kill animal shelter cries himself to sleep every night

It’s such a big commitment getting a dog, especially a puppy. Unfortunately some irresponsible pet owners make the decision and then change their minds when they realize what a big responsibility it is.

That was exactly what happened to a sweet German Shepherd puppy called Jordy. After just two months with his new family, he was abandoned.


One sunny afternoon in California, he was taken with his toys, some food and his favorite blanket and dumped at Carson Animal Shepherd.

The shock of being abandoned left the poor pup in a sorry state.

Cried himself to sleep

The shock and confusion he experienced meant he shut down and stopped eating, sitting all day with his head down and occasionally taking sips of water.

Every night he cried himself to sleep.

Jordy was in a shelter where space was a premium and if animals aren’t adopted within a certain time frame they have to be put down to make room for the constant stream of abandoned pets and strays coming in.

No dog should have to live this way.

Thankfully he was adopted just in time and hopefully now he is enjoying all the love that he deserves with dedicated animal lovers.

This is really something everyone thinking about getting a dog should think about. If you are unsure as to whether you can give a dog all the time and love that it needs, you shouldn’t get one.

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