Internet falls in love with dog with big, round Mickey Mouse ears

One of the things we love most about the internet: the chance to see so many amazing animals photos

Instagram is full of amazing pets with unique features, and we just can’t get enough of them. And one of the internet’s favorite viral stars is a dog who people say resembles a very famous mouse.

Meet Goma, the dog with big, round Mickey Mouse ears:

What an adorable dog! We’ve never seen ears quite like that.

Goma is a 7-year-old dog who lives in Tokyo, Japan. She is a cross between a Maltese and papillon, resulting in her unique look.

It’s safe to say the internet has fallen in love with Goma: her Instagram now has over 114,000 followers.

But despite his fame and unique ears, she’s just a normal dog.

Her Instagram shows his every day adventures, whether she’s hanging around the house or going out exploring.

She’s friends with her doggie sibling…

…and is always trying to make friends with the local cats:

Goma has fans all over the world, and has become quite the celebrity. People send her gifts custom merchandise.

What an adorable, unique dog! You can follow Goma’s adventures on Instagram! Share this story!