Meet 'Cat,' the toilet paper loving cat with two faces

Meet ‘Cat,’ the toilet paper loving cat with two faces

We love seeing unique, beautiful cats on the internet… like one Instagram star, who has gone viral for looking like two cats in one.

Meet “Cat,” the cat with two faces:

Yes, her name is just Cat. She lives in Thailand with his owner, and she’s quickly becoming a favorite online.

That’s because she’s a Chimera cat, a cat whose face has two totally different fur patterns split perfectly down the middle. She’s mostly white on the left, and a spotty gray on the right.

“I think she looks like Harvey Dent from Batman,” Cat’s owner Eve told Bored Panda.

But that’s not the only thing that makes Cat stand out. She also has quite a quirky personality.

Her Instagram page is full of interesting tidbits, like how her best friend is a cockroach and her favorite snack is toilet paper. Her owner says she has to stock up on it because Cat loves it so much.

“She’s a crazy cat and she loves toilet paper,” Eve said.

Cat’s first Instagram post was only a few days ago, but she’s already gained over 1,500 followers. Clearly people love this unique, toilet-paper-eating cat.

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