Stunning cat looks like she has two faces and people can’t believe she’s real

All animals are beautiful in their own way, but once in a while there’s one whose incredibly unique appearance just makes you say “wow.”

That’s certainly the case for one cat, who at first glance doesn’t even seem real, but rather something made from photoshop. But this stunning kitty is all natural and people can’t get enough.

Meet Quimera, the cat with two faces:

It’s not uncommon for cats to have different colored eyes. But Quimera not only has different eyes but a perfectly-split fur color pattern, making her look like different kitties fused into one.

Quimera lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina with her owner. She has quite a following online with nearly 92,000 followers on Instagram, plus her own TikTok and Facebook pages.

Like her fellow two-faced stars like Venus and Narnia, Quimera is thought to be a chimera cat, a cat with two sets of DNA due to two embryos fusing together.

Quimera has fans all over the world. People have made tributes, like portraits and even tattoos:

But despite her beauty and internet fame, Quimera has stayed humble.

She’s unaware of her uniqueness, and is just a normal happy cat who likes hanging out around the house.

But one thing’s for sure, she still knows how to pose for the camera:

What a stunning cat! It’s amazing how nature works out sometimes to give us such unique beauties.

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