Rescue cat has the most beautiful orange-and-black coat, looking like two cats in one

There are so many beautiful cats in the world of so many different stripes and colors: black cats, tabby cats, etc. How can you even choose?

But with this stunning cat, you can get a two-in-one deal: her fur is perfectly split, making her look like two different cats combined!

Her name is Yana, known as “Yana the Two-Face Cat” online. She lives in Belarus with her owner, Elizabeth.

According to Bored Panda, Yana was rescued by Elizabeth in 2016 after she saw an online classified ad trying to find the cat a new home.

Yana’s owners, an elderly couple, were no longer able to care for her, so Elizabeth took in the two-month-old cat, and they’ve been together ever since.

She’s not the only one who loves Yana—people everywhere have fallen for this beautiful cat, admiring her striking orange-and-black look. It’s possible that Yana is a chimera cat.

“Her color is unique, and people call her ‘nature’s miracle,'” Elizabeth told The Dodo.

“Her mother was black and the father was orange,” she explained. “Probably, when nature decorated her an orange color, there wasn’t enough paint, so the rest of her was decorated black.”

Yana now has over 89,000 followers on Instagram. But despite being a viral star, fame hasn’t gone to her head: she’s still a normal, happy, loving cat.

“She is a very playful and ridiculous cat,” Elizabeth said.

The owner says Yana loves walks, and can be walked with a leash like a dog.

What a beautiful cat! You can follow her adventures on Instagram!

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