Couple find abandoned dog in trash pile – react immediately and save his life

A couple from St. Louis were out for a drive when they saw something strange at the edge of the road. A pile of trash laid strewn out in the snow – and something was moving.

It was a tiny dog.

The couple immediately stopped the car and stepped out to investigate.

It was freezing outside and the ground was covered with snow. The small dog had huddled in the trash to try and keep warm.

It was a heart breaking sight.

Kentucky Humane Society

The road was deserted and there were no houses nearby. Where did the dog come from? Could it have escaped from a house further away?

Kentucky Humane Society

Katharine Kulka and her partner knew that they had to step in. The dog wouldn’t make it out there alone.

They walked up to the dog and began to carefully pet him. It was clear that he was desperate for contact. As soon as they extended their hands, he rushed towards them wagging his tail.

He clearly wanted the couple to take him with them.

Kentucky Humane Society

The dog was extremely thin and obviously hungry. They suspected that he had been neglected by his previous owner.

The couple knew there was no time to lose, they had to get the dog out of the snow and make sure that he got some food.

Kentucky Humane Society

The laid out a blanket in the back seat and lifted the dog inside. Then they drove to the nearest animal shelter for help. It was the weekend, so they were unsure that they would be able to find a place that was open.

But it turns out that Kentucky Humane Society was prepared to welcome the little dog.

Kentucky Humane Society

The dog, who was given the name Whiskey, sat shaking for the whole 20 minute car ride. But soon enough he warmed up and began to relax.

He may not have known it then, but his new life was about to begin.

Kentucky Humane Society

As soon as Whiskey reached Kentucky Humane Society he was given food, warmth and lots of love.

He was also examined by a vet, who confirmed that he was not chipped or castrated and that he didn’t have a collar. It’s unknown whether he had lived his whole life on the street or whether he was recently abandoned.

But in any case, his days on the street are now over. It didn’t take long before a family got in touch and said they wanted to welcome Whiskey into their home. They were the perfect match for each other!

Kentucky Humane Society

After just 9 days in the animal shelter, Whiskey was able to move in with his new family last week. He has a new mom and dad as well as four human brothers that he can watch grow up.

I’m sure he has many happy years ahead of him!

Kentucky Humane Society

Whiskey will never need to be cold or hungry again.

Here is Whiskey’s adoption film that Kentucky Humane Society made to try and find his new home:

This really warmed my heart! 

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