Homeless dog is starving and close to death, then police officer shows up and makes it right

All animals deserve a loving home full of love and warmth.

That’s why it hurts to read about homeless dogs like this one, discovered by police officer William McCarty.

The starving dog was desperate for food and looked like it was ready to give up on life. But fortunately, officer William stepped forward and took action before it was too late.

Homeless dogs can be found in cities around the world. It’s heartbreaking that they don’t always get the chance to have a decent life surrounded by people who love them.

That was exactly what police officer William McCarty thought while he was making his rounds in Fresno, California and saw something heartbreaking.

Saw homeless dog

There on a street corner stood a lonely homeless dog looking through trash for food. William, an animal lover, realized that he couldn’t just stand by and watch. But instead of stopping the car and walking over to the dog, he drove off.

He would soon return.

Officer Marty went to a nearby store and bought some dog food. Then, he went back to the corner where the dog was.

Brought food

Officer Marty walked up to the dog, sat down and laid down a bowl of dog food. But it didn’t end there. William had more food for the dog — and while he was feeding the dog, a man named Marty Solis took a picture that is making the rounds on social media.

“It was cool to see the officer do that,” Marty, who works in a nearby school said, according to the Chicago Tribune.
“You know, usually when the kids see an officer, they think something bad happened. Some of the parents had stopped and were worried. But then we saw the kind gesture. It was real heartwarming.”

Praised online

Officer William has now received messages from all around the world — tributes he really deserves for what he did for the homeless dog.

We don’t know whether the dog was taken to a vet or an animal shelter. But we hope that this was the beginning of a new chapter of the dog’s life. One that ends with it finding a loving home.

Image Source: Twitter/Parent-Post

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