Hiker finds dying pitbull up in mountain: Looks closer at its throat and is forced to act immediately

Andi Davis, a woman from Phoenix, did something amazing when she was out hiking a few years ago.

She was on a mountain slope when she discovered a 2-year-old pit bull lying next to the gravel path.

The dog lay completely still and Andi nearly tripped over the pitbull.


According to organisation Arizona Humane Society, Andi gave the dog some water. She realised immediately that the dog needed her help, that it was both hurt and exhausted.

“Mom had him in her arms, and then he looked at me, and I was like, ‘Is this dog going to bite?'” Jessi, Andi’s daughter, tells AZ Central.

But when Jessi looked into the dog’s eyes, she understood that there was only gratitude there, because someone had cared enough to stop and help.

“I could tell, I could just tell that he was a nice dog,” Jessi says.

Mom Andi carried the 40 lb dog down the mountain, a half a mile treck.

She took the severely injured dog to rescue organisation Arizona Humane Society.

“I thought I would never see him again,” daughter Jessi tells CNN, and continues:

“I knew he was in good hands, but I still felt very sad.”

When the vets performed a check up on the dog, they discovered something shocking. There was an open wound in the dog’s stomach, and bullet fragments along the dog’s back. The vets found a bullet in the middle of the dog’s throat. It became obvious that someone had tried to execute the dog up there on the mountain. They had then left the dog there to die.

But thanks to Andi and Jessi the dog was given a new chance at life. Today, the pitbull’s name is Eliajh, and his story has a very happy ending.

Eliajh was adopted by the family that found him.

“Mom has a dog, dad has a dog, I have a dog,” Jessi says.

“Elijah is the family dog. Because he’s special.”


Isn’t it wonderful to know that there are real animal lovers out there bringing light into the world, despite all the darkness.

Today Jessi and Elijah are best friends!


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