Helpless dog stuck in deep snow. Now watch when the German shepherd comes to his rescue

That dogs are smart animals isn’t news. But less obvious perhaps is just how emotional and compassionate dogs can also be.

And this story proves just how selfless they can truly be.

A man was out walking his two dogs one cold winter day. Snow had fallen during the night and walking through the giant heaps was quite the struggle.

For many dogs, snow means plenty of fun. This man’s dogs are no exception. The smaller dog, Knuckles, quickly ran out into the snow, and despite its short legs, did its best to navigate through.

Soon Knuckles ran towards a large waste compartment. But it suddenly hit him: he was stuck. He tried in vain to climb out of the deep snow, but failed.

The man’s second dog, a German shepherd named Kanawha, quickly realized his friend was in trouble. Behind the large heap of snow, all he could see was Knuckle’s head, and he understood that something was wrong.

Kanawha, larger than his friend Knuckles, could more easily tread through the deep snow. Without hesitation, the German shepherd decided to help his friend, and headed towards him.

Despite the challenge, Kanawha never gives up — he at last reaches his friend and manages to help pull him out of the deep snow.

Indeed, when he was most in need, his best friend was there — and immediately came to his rescue. Now isn’t that what friends are for?

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